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Bookkeeping Reminder Service

Get timely reminders in your email inbox on good bookkeeping practices, staying organized, maximizing your deductions, and saving money.  It is like having your own bookkeeping coach.

To subscribe to this service FREE, please join and subscribe to the "bookkeepingcoach" group.

You will receive timely reminders throughout the month to help you to 

maximize your deductions
increase your profits
save money on bookkeeping and accounting 
be prepared for tax time

 You will also receive seasonal reminders such as :

  • Your GST remittance is due by April 30th (if you file quarterly)

  • Income tax is due by April 30th.

  • By the beginning of March, you should have your receipts together.  

  • Hire someone (your child or your bookkeeper) to sort them out if your don't have time.

Sign up now!  

Bookkeeping Reminder Service is geared toward small business and proprietors in Canada, but everyone can benefit from good bookkeeping practices.

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Bookkeeping Tip:  Spend 15 minutes per week (set a timer if you need to) and work on your paperwork.  File, go through your mail, deal with your paper.  You will be surpized what you can accomplish in 15 minutes.



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